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Our Story

Beetle Environmental Solutions is a modern and dynamic environmental consultancy firm structured to offer superior service to its clients, by providing irrefutable integrity and timeliness solutions.

Our focus on the commercial needs of our clients and our absolute commitment to deliver cost effective, robust and defensible solutions has enabled us to build an enviable reputation that is framed by a pragmatic approach, sound commercial judgment together with up-to-date technical expertise and legislative knowledge.

Beetle Environmental Solutions listens and understands its clients’ needs and provides first-class customer care and unequivocal guidance. We are organized in a manner so that our clients will always get the best professional solutions for their projects, regardless of location.


Suez Consulting

SUEZ Consulting shares a worldwide network of in-house skills and strategic partners in water supply and sanitation, hydrgeology, oceanography, waste, urban development, ports, harbors and power. SUEZ Consulting has put sustainable development at the heart of what they do, convinced as they are that environmental excellence can be achived alongside cost-effectiveness.

SUEZ Consulting brings together 1,400 employees and regurlarly operates in over 100 countries.